Toros Kose

I'm Toros Kose, 24 year old graduated Motion Graphics student from Hyper Island.
Previously a motion designer at Tronic Studio NY, as well as SEHSUCHT, Hamburg, I'm currently based in New York with the wonderful team at Superfad.

Here is my site + showreel:

On this blog I will post self created content like photos and videos, and things that inspire me.


You are not a storyteller - Stefan Sagmeister @ FITC from FITC on Vimeo.

We had the pleasure of spending some time with Stefan Sagmeister at the recent FITC Toronto conference in April, 2014, and he had some things to say.

See Sagmeister in Calgary at the CAMP Festival
Calgary, Alberta • Sept 8-9, 2014 •

Stefan Sagmeister
Partner, Sagmeister & Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister formed the New York based Sagmeister Inc. in 1993 and has since designed for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO and the Guggenheim Museum. Having been nominated eight times, he finally won two Grammy Awards for the Talking Heads and Brian Eno & David Byrne package designs. He has also earned practically every important international design award.

In 2008 Stefan authored a comprehensive book titled “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far”, published by Abrams. Solo shows of Sagmeister Inc’s work have been mounted in Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Prague, Cologne, Berlin, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul and Miami.

Stefan teaches in the graduate department of the School of Visual Art in New York and lectures extensively on all continents. In 2012 young designer Jessica Walsh became a partner and the company was renamed into Sagmeister & Walsh. A native of Austria, he received his MFA from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and, as a Fulbright Scholar, a master’s degree from Pratt Institute in New York. After his studies he worked as a Creative Director for Leo Burnett in Hong Kong and for M&Co. in New York.

Horde from BRUTUS collective on Vimeo.

Directed by BRVTVS

Thibaud Clergue -
Aurélien Duhayon -
Sébastien Iglesias -
Camille Perrin -

Music by Lionel Flairs for Hit’n’Run -
Sound design by Florian Calmer -
Mixing by Benoit Rault and Florian Calmer

We used LH Auto Rig 1.0 created by Ludovic Habas for the characters’ rigging -
Facial and motorcycles riggings were done by Lucas Morandi -

This project was able to see the light of day thanks to Armand Béraud and Machine Molle, who kindly hosted us for two months -


Red -
Blue -
Black -
Green -

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Nike KD7 / ‘Relentless Attack’ from Simon Holmedal on Vimeo.

A ManvsMachine project.

I worked on this launch campaign video for Nike’s KD7, Kevin Durant’s 7th shoe together with the in-house team at ManvsMachine, I did various tasks including r&d, design/modelling, rigging and some particle effects.


Concept, Design, Direction:




NBC Sports Talk from Ryan Moore on Vimeo.

NBC Sports approached us to create a launch spot for their new flagship show: Sports Talk. The show cuts through the typical chatter, gets behind the stats and digs for the real story.

Against a script themed around data overload, we built a graphic stream of box scores, headlines, field goal percentages, tournament brackets and photographs. Our camera scrubs through dimensional data, looking for connections, breaking stories apart and eventually slicing through the clutter.

Studio: Gretel
Exectuive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Producer: Ryan McLaughin
Art Director: Matt Tragesser
Design: Ryan Moore, Matt Tragesser
Animation: Gabriel Regentin, Sean Eno, Bryan Cobonpue

FOX SPORTS 1 - INTENSE from Simon Holmedal on Vimeo.

Working as part of the in-house team at ManvsMachine, I worked on shaders for the heart and some smoke effects. A number of studios were given the task to produce three sting’s, each with their own particular phrase, to concept, design and produce the individual items.

Concept, Design, Direction:

Nike Mercurial Directors Cut from Simon Holmedal on Vimeo.

Nike / Mercurial Superfly / ‘Revolution of Speed’
Directors cut, 2014.

I was working as part of the in-house team at ManvsMachine, I did various tasks including RND, shattering/simulation, knitting, packshot, smoke/particle effects.
Design & Direction:



The Bridge Toolkit Reel / DIA from DIA on Vimeo.

Client: FX Networks
VP, Broadcast Design: Albert Romero
Art Director: Amie Nguyen
On-Air Producer: Michael Perez
Logo Design: FX

Production Company: DIA
Creative Director: Mitch Paone
Lead Designer: Mitch Paone
Animator: Jerry Liu
Photography: Alan Ortiz
Executive Producer: Meg Donohoe

Reel Track: Mice Parade

Cosmosf from Eser Karaca on Vimeo.

Client: SonicLab
Motion Design: Tolga Ozisik
Sound Design: Eser Karaca

Used Computer Graphic techniques. I created like sound visuals to tell a minimal story. Sound has a shape in mind. It is reminiscent of something, So sounds empower imagination like feeding it.
Cosmosƒ Plugin “Advanced Stochastic Synthesizer”

What is Cosmosƒ?
Cosmosƒ is a tool which is made for computer music and sound design. It does truely use the computer for sonic calculation and digital audio rendering, the kind of which is impossible to do by hand.

©All user interface rights reserved by SonicLab.

Puma - Cell from Art & Graft on Vimeo.

This is one was a little bit different for us – more of a live action, cut and paste, polish up number to be precise.

It’s all about Puma’s Cell technology, which is something that makes sporty people do things that little bit faster and better than other sporty people.

Produced & Directed: Art&Graft
Agency: GBH Design
Client: Puma